1. What is it for?
  2. Downloading and installation
    • Windows
    • Ubuntu
  3. Capabilities

1. What is it for?

Fastnote is a simple crossplaftorm program to organize your notes in a very easy way. You can use it for making short notes, saving passwords, useful links, fixing ideas, etc. The program has minimalistic functional that includes multiple tabs to note, ability to save a tab into a text file. It saves data automatically always after any change.

Fastnote is built for Windows (64 bits) and Ubuntu (64 bits).

2. Downloading and installation

Follow the link to download Fastnote. You will be suggested to download a binary file for Ubuntu and a setup file-exe for Windows.

2.1 Windows

Run setup-exe and follow the installation wizard.

2.2 Ubuntu

Download and save the binary file where you are convenient to run Fastnote. For example, to `/usr/bin/fastnote`.

3. Capabilities

  • It saves all data automatically.
  • To add a new tab you should click +.
  • You can also rename and remove each tab.
  • You can save your tab as a text file.
  • You can move tabs using Alt + arrows.
  • It saves the window form and active tab on close.