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14 Marto 2022

Что такое крипта и зачем она обычным людям (Programado)

Что такое крипта и зачем она обычным людям Ввиду последних событий, связанных с ситуацией на Украине, россияне по понятным причинам стали крайне обесп... legi pli

27 Decembro 2019

How to sum the elements of an array with Pycuda. (Programado)

You can install pycuda like this: The code to calculate the sum: The idea of the algorithm implemented is shown well on the picture from the offic... legi pli

27 Decembro 2019

How to install CUDA on Ubuntu. (Programado)

1. Installation of the driver for GPU (if it is not installed yet). Download the driver from NVIDIA official website: https://www.nvidia.ru/Download/i... legi pli

14 Decembro 2019

How to work with metadata of audiofiles in Python (the use of eyeD3). (Programado)

As it is known, MP3 contains the audio track itself and some metadata such as the title of the track, album, band's name and some other information. A... legi pli

25 Aprilo 2019

How to estimate probability (Esploro)

Available in Russian only yet.... legi pli

01 Februaro 2019

Author's forecast for the future of the humanity from 2019 (Filozofio)

В жизни мы часто очень погружаемся в события, происходящие непосредственно сейчас и с нами, пренебрегая глобальным как с масштабной так и с временной... legi pli

12 Decembro 2018

Is the world a computer simulation? Does the matrix have us? (Filozofio)

В последнее время часто сталкиваюсь с рассуждениями и дискуссиями о том, реален ли наш мир или всё, что мы видим, является продуктом симуляции какого... legi pli

09 Decembro 2018

About interstellar journey (Esploro)

Available in Russian only.... legi pli

13 Junio 2018

What a programmer must be able to do (Programado)

This is a list of skills that a programmer should be able to do in order to feel well regarding the majority of tasks in IT. On my opinion, if you le... legi pli

16 Majo 2018

Django webservice on Nginx with UWSGI (Programado)

Django webservice on Nginx with UWSGI Supposing, you have got a Django project you want to start on a separate server. There are many ways to do it.... legi pli

06 Februaro 2018

About path (Carlos Castaneda) (Filozofio)

“Anything is one of a million paths. Therefore you must always keep in mind that a path is only a path; if you feel you should not follow it, you mus... legi pli

02 Februaro 2018

The Mortgage Problem (Esploro)

In Russian only yet.... legi pli

15 Novembro 2017

How to import C into Python (Programado)

In this article I am going to tell how to implement a function in C, to compile it and to import in Python. This can be helpful for gaining performan... legi pli

26 Majo 2017

Vkspy (Ideoj)

Available in Russian only.... legi pli

16 Aprilo 2017

Choice problem (Esploro)

In this article, I tell about a known mathematical task called "choice problem". In some sources its name can be "secretary problem", "marriage proble... legi pli

04 Januaro 2017

Analysis of Pushkin's poem "The Motion" (Esploro)

I haven't found any poetical translation of this poem into English, so I just translated the words directly on my own. If somebody meets a proper ... legi pli

27 Novembro 2016

Idea: project Worlds (Ideoj)

I am going to tell you about a computer program to visualize 3D objects. Certainly nowadays there are many similar programs and computer games that d... legi pli

07 Aprilo 2016

Socrateses and Sophists (Psikologio)

In this article I would like to share my vital observation related to people. Everything I am going to tell is subjective, thus detailed research may... legi pli

11 Februaro 2016

Fastnote (Programado)

Fastnote What is it for? Downloading and installation Windows Ubuntu Capabilities 1. What is it for? Fastnote is a simple cro... legi pli

15 Oktobro 2015

Chto Gde Kogda (Esploro)

Hi everyone! Today I'm going to tell you about the famous Russian game "Chto? Gde? Kogda?". We will try to answer the question: do experts play fairl... legi pli